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pierce county weed list for 2013

2013 Noxious Weed List Pamphlet

Since many people are unfamiliar with noxious
weeds, the county weed program is available to
provide information on identification and control
methods. We utilize a variety of educational
means to accomplish this task including; educational
presentations, instructive brochures, on‐site
consultations, and our information booth at local
fairs & events.


Download the brochure here.


the 10 worst weeds in pierce county, wa

The Terrible Ten Pamphlet

The ten most noxious weeds in Pierce County, WA. Find out how to identify them and nip them in the bud. 


Once established they aggressively displace desirable vegetation, reduce agricultural productivity, compromise public health and safety, lower property values, increase flood hazards, or destroy native plant and animal habitat.


Download the brochure here.

pierce county weed board annual report for 20132013 Annual Report


The Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of the previous Noxious Weed Control Season. It provides details of how Weed Board Staff have worked to protect the ecological, economic, and public health of Pierce County by reducing the destructive impact that invasive noxious weeds have on our community.


Download the 2013 report here.



environmental weed information to control weeds